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Search Engine Marketing Services

SEM or Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising through Google AdWords and Facebook Ads are great ways to increase traffic immediately to your website.  When used in conjunction with SEO, search engine marketing can be a powerful lead generation tool and sales tool. Focusing on the correct keywords, the traffic they generate, and their associated conversions, are the key to an efficient and profitable PPC advertising campaign.

Cost Per Acquisition Analysis

The goal of this exercise is to understand how much your business can pay to acquire a new customer, and then convert that into a cost-per-click bid amount that works for your company. By utilizing your company’s data we can determine a “break-even cost-per-click” bid amount that’s customized just for your business. We use the break-even CPC as a guide to create a unique, profitable PPC advertising campaign based on your business’ metrics.

Keyword Research

Finding the right keywords is essential to any PPC advertising campaign. Honey Bear Digital’s SEM team will help you identify a customized keyword list that focuses on your business and marketing strategy. We’ll research and identify the high volume keywords that drive general traffic, but our main goal in this area is to highlight and track keywords and phrases that convert. These keywords drive more engaged traffic, and are more likely to convert when compared to high volume keywords. Honey Bear Digital focuses on driving conversions – not just keyword-based traffic.

Competitive Keyword Research

Identifying and utilizing your competitor’s keywords is a good way to gauge the effectiveness of your digital marketing efforts. Honey Bear Digital’s ppc services can create an overview of keyword lists, along with headlines, URLs and metas used by your competition to better improve your SEM campaign strategy.

Strategic Ad Grouping

After generating a large list of keywords, Honey Bear’s SEM team can help you strategically create specific Ad Groups within your SEM campaign. Search engines prefer tightly focused Ad Groups, and if utilized within your SEM campaigns, your marketing will benefit with improved CTRs and conversions.

Geographical Targeting

We can show you how to ensure your ads are only showing to users in the city, state, or country you target. This is vital for a local business, and it’s also a powerful tool that can be used strategically within a national campaign.

Bid Price Adjusting and Optimization

Honey Bear Digital will optimize your keyword bids so you’re not paying too much for clicks. After understanding your cost-per-acquisition by performing a quick analysis, we can help you formulate a profitable bidding strategy. After the campaign runs for a while, we can then optimize the bids based on conversions the pay-per-click traffic is generating. Honey Bear’s SEM team focuses on the conversions, constantly working to improve profit margins for your campaign.

Custom AdWords & Facebook Ads Reporting

Honey Bear sends clients weekly PPC campaign reports which are customized for your company. These reports will help you quickly analyze trends and Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), as well as trends and other helpful analytical data. Custom tracking links within the campaign show granular data that we’ll cross reference with your Google Analytics data to optimize your campaigns even more.

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