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About Honey Bear Digital

An Austin SEO and PPC Advertising Company

Honey Bear Digital helps businesses generate more leads, sales, and customer contact points with effective digital marketing. We create and manage customized, cost-effective digital marketing solutions to build your business. We can recommend the best way to develop an online presence, as well as create and manage cost-effective digital marketing programs that make it easy for people to find and engage with your business.

Honey Bear Digital can create or optimize your current digital marketing plans to make them more effective. We have expertise in SEO, search engine marketing (PPC), display advertising, Facebook Advertising as well as geo-centric mobile campaigns, and social media promotions.

If you’re not sure where to start, or how to find the right customers for your business, we offer services for that, too. We can create a plan that’s as big or small as you need. And to make things even sweeter, Honey Bear offers a personal touch and pricing to fit almost any budget.

Honey Bear Digital is based deep in the heart of Texas.

Jeramie Wright Austin TexasCEO and founder Jeramie Wright worked in digital advertising since 1998, pioneering integrated online marketing programs for many well-known companies. He founded Honey Bear Digital in 2010 to help business owners use the same digital marketing technology and tactics that big brands use to interact digitally with their customers in new and exciting ways. His background includes senior sales and marketing positions with companies such as Google, InfoSpace, and the NBA, as well as IGA Worldwide, where he oversaw in-game advertising sales for many popular PlayStation and PC games.

Jeramie has created engaging, consumer focused campaigns across a multitude of digital mediums including mobile, websites, social media, and within video games.  At IGA, he developed successful marketing programs for companies such as McDonald’s, Wrigley, Subway, Nike, General Motors, Ford, Bank of America, Dell, Hyundai, Starz, and Sears. At the NBA, he created, sold and implemented interactive advertising campaigns across websites, within video games, and on mobile devices for NBA partners such as Sirius, Sony Entertainment, Nokia, McDonald’s and Orbitz. While at Google, he developed search engine marketing (SEM) AdWords campaigns for clients such as Fuji Film, Carl Zeiss, Consumer Reports, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and The American Dental Association. Prior to Google, he was a senior sales director for InfoSpace in San Francisco and New York City, where he developed digital advertising programs for clients such as Verizon, General Motors, Hertz, Ford Motor Company, Ticketmaster, and State Farm.